The Tao of WDLM

  1. The first rule of is don’t talk about monkeys.   Puh-lease.  This is a site for connoisseurs of art, life, sarcasm, and “monkey-related” things – not actual monkeys.
  2. I love pictures, submissions, stories and comments from readers, 100%!  YOU are the lumps of clay from which this beautiful website is created.  Yes, you were just called lumps of clay — but in a good way.  Send your comments, letters and pictures.  If your pictures have a story around them, even better!
  3. Your stories may be edited before they are posted.  We do it in a nice way, to make you look good.  Promise.  Unless I know you personally — then your are fair game for whatever we want to do with your pics and stories.


2 thoughts on “The Tao of WDLM”

  1. Very much still active! Thank you for your submission — it is fantastic! We’ll get back to you shortly. Love it!!! 🙂

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