Shower Curtain Monkeys and Chapter 1 of WDLM lore: where the name came from

1605 shower curtain

Yeah, this is the shower curtain I have in my house.  Actually, this is a .jpeg image file from an online Bed Bath and Beyond catalog for a monkey shower curtain that they offer for sale.

The above paragraph is much funnier if you read it, with this movie quote in mind:

High Macha Of Rashpur: [displaying a printed floor plan] “This is Shepherd Wong’s house.”  Phil Moscowitz: “He lives in that piece of paper?”  High Macha Of Rashpur: “No, you idiot. He’s got a regular house!”

[I’m guessing there are only 3 people in the world who will get that reference.]

So, where did the name for your website come from?

Glad you asked.  Part 1 of the story:  I dated a girl last year and we progressed all the way to the, ‘she will drive over to my place, and we will go to dinner from there’ stage.  As I was showing her around the many rooms of my 900 sqft of my house, we stuck our heads in the bathroom.  She looked at my shower curtain, paused for what was probably 3 seconds (but felt much longer) and in a eureka / big-revelation type of exclamation pronounced, “You like monkeys!” as if she had just uncovered a deep dark secret from my past.

My reaction then created that uncomfortable pregnant pause moment, and with a confused look and in a somewhat defensive (condescending?) manner, I spouted “Who doesn’t like monkeys?”

And, so we stood there for the next 20 to 30 seconds, pretty sure that the other was a little weird.  Like in that way Republicans and Democrats think, “how could the other person possibly think the way they do?”

That’s where the phrase “Who doesn’t like monkeys?” comes from.  I know.  I’ve got some issues.  But I really don’t think that “liking monkeys” is one of them.

Why the website?  I’ll get to that at some point.  Check back soon.

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