Monkey Bar Drain Drip Tray

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Me neither!  I’ve never heard of Monkey Shoulder.  Judging from the footer text on the tray and the context, easy to figure its an adult beverage of some sort.  Very odd set of monkey-related coincidences within 24 hours of each other, finds me sitting at a bar directly in front of this drip tray with monkeys on it.  I never heard of “bar drain drip tray” either.  I wasn’t sure what to call that thing.  “Bar drain drip tray” is the result of 15 seconds reading search results on the interweb.   ‘Monkey-related coincidences’ is a story for another time.

According to the Monkey Shoulder website: “Some say it tastes just like riding bareback on the wild moors of Scotland with a flame haired maiden on Christmas morning.”  

Does that sound appetizing to you?

At first, I thought this quote meant it was like riding a horse without a saddle.  My parents always told me I was part Scottish, but that doesn’t sound inviting to me.  Riding a horse bareback sounds painful, not mouthwatering. I don’t care how many flame-haired maidens are riding with me.  Having a 2,100 pound horse repeatedly pound its spine into my testicles over and over and over for any length of time is not how I would like to spend Christmas morning.  Though, knowing the Scotts that probably does sound like fun to them.  They’re nuts! [pun intended]

Upon further review, the quote doesn’t actually say anything about a horse.  Maybe they are just riding flame-haired maidens bareback.  That sounds like a much better way to spend Christmas morning, and something worthy of buying a bottle or a case.  I like the thought and excellent use of the ‘double-entendre.’  Well done, Monkey Shoulder VP of Marketing.   Well done.

This picture was taken at the bar at Driftwood Kitchen, Laguna Beach, CA.

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