It’s bigger than I thought.

¬†(That’s what she said! ūüôā ¬†haha! )

There are certainly a number of fascinating coincidences and synchronicities that we all experience in our lives.  Then there are occasionally these seemingly impossible, miraculous events that when they occur, they make you stop and realize that there is a much higher consciousness at work in the universe.

The ‘Monkey Pooping on a Toilet Bathroom Tile’ saga seems to be in that realm of the miraculous. ¬†Rewind. My first encounter with the pooping monkey tile was when a friend of mine randomly sent me the photo from Florida that became the very first blog post on this site. ¬†It was funny, hilarious and we had a¬†few good laughs. ¬†Then we all moved on to the next farcical¬†piece of monkey-related art. ¬†End of story, right?

Wrong!  I recently recevied this photo from reader Kevin Matsoni.  It is a tile he obtained from the Kringloop Ede thrift store in Ede, Netherlands.  He noted in his email that the tile was made in Greece.


Now, compare this to the original blog post pic:monkeyonpublictoilet

“Wow,” I thought. “That’s a real head-scratcher!” [Get it? ¬†There was something curious about the similarity of the two tiles……. and also, one of the monkeys is scratching his head. ¬†haha! I crack myself up sometimes. ¬†ūüôā ]

Initial research a¬†few months ago after receiving the original (lower photo) tile revealed¬†the bathroom tile masterpiece¬†was inspired by a series of monkey images¬†from the 1970’s that made their way onto posters and t-shirt iron-ons (when is the last time you heard the term, “iron-ons?”) with various hilarious¬†slogans such as ‘Go Bananas.’ ¬†Some of the most famous include unfavorable comparisons of the U.S. Congressmen and other lawmakers to the banana-chewing primates-on-the-potty. ¬†It was fun looking at all the creative ways these prime primate glossies were put to use, including (what I thought was) someone hand-painting one on a tile for some beautiful, unknown reason.

Then a few months later, I get the email from reader Kevin with a photo of a similar hand-painted tile with a different monkey image from that same series of photos from the 1970’s, and a note attached that says the tile’s origin is Greece and he found it in the Netherlands. ¬†What the ____? ¬†That certainly piques my curiosity. ¬†Again, more research. Sure enough — there seems to be some kind of booming Greek cottage industry that hand-paints these images of a monkey pooping on a toilet onto actual bathroom tiles and exports them to all corners of the globe. Assuming that 60% of the time, 100% of what¬†I read on¬†the internet is true, I’ve found that several Greek restaurants have a tile like those above, in their bathrooms. ¬†Some kind of national pride thing for the Greeks?

Back to my original thought.  If ever there was a doubt about the infinite intelligence of the universe, the nature of consciousness or the consciousness of nature, this blog post about two bathroom tiles of monkeys pooping on toilets, from completely different parts of the world somehow coming together and finding a common ground on my laptop screen surely puts that to rest.  Think about it. The confluence of ridiculous events that needed to take place for those two images to appear above, next to each other, is no less than an absolute and deliberate miracle.

Either that, or I have attracted a really odd subset of global citizens as readers. ¬†I’d prefer to go with ‘miracle.’ ūüôā

Big thanks to reader Kevin Matsoni for that pic and the info!  Hand-painted greek tradition and global phenomenon.  Who knew?



Michael Jackson and Bubbles life-sized porcelain statue. Not joking.

Michael Jackson and Bubbles the monkey statue

This photo sent to us by a reader in Manhattan Beach, CA, during his recent trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of art. ¬†Are you kidding me?! ¬†I can’t believe my eyes or what I’m reading about this statue. I have to “break the 4th wall”¬†for this blog entry…..

Do any of you know about this piece?!

This WDLM site is all about being ridiculous. ¬†It’s fun to be ridiculous for a few hour each week. ¬†But….. are you kidding me?? ¬†This is actually a serious piece of $5.6 million¬†art (and that was 15 years ago)? ¬† There is nothing that I could write that would be more entertaining¬†than what has already been written in the wikipedia entry describing this statue. No way you could make this stuff up:

Dave, I don’t feel like reading the whole wikipedia entry. ¬†Can you just give me the Cliff’s Notes version?

“Bubbles was Jackson’s domestic animal [he bought]¬†from a Texas research facility in 1985. It has been claimed by the media that he was Jackson’s best and faithful friend who even joined the singer on his world tours and helped in the household.”

I didn’t make that up. ¬†Really. ¬†Those are true sentences about Michael Jackson and his chimpanzee.

“[The] Michael Jackson and Bubbles [statue] has also been read as a symbol¬†of the human desire for self-discovery….The assimilated chimp on his lap underlines this aspect of self-exploration. He is a traditional symbol in fine arts which serves to mirror human nature. But meanwhile the plastic [surgery] demonstrates the tragic impossibility of this attempt. The material’s aesthetic and Jackson’s aura of transcendence¬†show how unnatural the results of this self-exploration must be.”

Hilariously brilliant. I can’t stop laughing or re-reading that. If I spent a year working on a satirical paragraph about this sculpture, I couldn’t have said it any better than that. Or this:

The American artist Paul McCarthy created some sculptures relating to Michael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons, e.g. Michael Jackson and Bubbles (Gold) from 1997 to 1999 or Michael Jackson Fucked Up (Big Head) from 2002.

True dat.

Sometimes life is more ridiculous than fiction. ¬†And they say “art imitates life.” ¬†So, there you go.

I can’t believe that’s a serious piece of art. (heavy sigh)

Keep those photos and stories coming! ¬†ūüôā

Scooter’s Sock Emporium Portrait in Legos

Scooters Sock Emporium

This masterful objet d’art sent to us by a reader on a family trip to Legoland in Florida. ¬†Legoland really ensuring they live up to their tag line, “Awesome Awaits” with this dedicated display of a classy and handsome portrait of everyone’s favorite sock-specialty-store simian, Scooter.

This is a period piece dating back to mid-1900’s. Scooter and¬†his Sock Emporium flourished during the heyday for both socks and emporiums – 1894 thru 1897. ¬†Scooter’s grandson, single-handedly crafted this homage to his legendary grandfather out of the Legos he received as a birthday gift around 1940.

Scooter got his start in the world of hosiery retail not in an emporium but on foot, working the¬†tropical beaches frequented by Americans, Europeans and Australians, selling socks and sunglasses out of a back-pack. ¬†His real name was Michael Murphy, and he earned the nickname “Scooter the Sock Simian” with his style of quickly scampering from person to person, hawking his wares up and down the beach from from dawn ’til dusk. ¬†When Michael¬†left the beaches of the tropics to start his emporium in the USA, his nickname was shortened to just “Scooter,” because most people in the US didn’t know what “Simian” meant.

Dave, that sounds a little far-fetched.

You guessed it. ¬†That’s the story that Michael’s family¬†would like you to believe. ¬†Legend has it that Michael¬†fancied rum. ¬†Early in his beach-merchant days, he leveraged¬†his evolutionary advantage of having opposable thumbs on his feet and a prehensile tail to sneak into the tiny thatched-hut beach bars and help himself to bottles of rum, 3 at time. ¬†Everyday, the bar staff could be heard up and down the beach shouting “Shooo!” and “Scoot! Scoot!” (because that’s what people yelled back in the 1800’s to shoo away animals) as they waived their arms in a sweeping, broom-like manner to scoot Michael¬†out of the bars. ¬†Thus, the name “Scooter.”

Scooter’s Sock Emporium Portrait in Legos can be seen at Legoland, FL. ¬†¬†

Monkey Dancing in Banana Smush


Stunning original artwork, submitted by renowned, avid art collector Blake C’lamato out of Minnesota. ¬†The artist has a one-name moniker, Bug (really).

This one is titled ‘Monkey Dancing in Banana Smush.’ ¬†Circa 2005, Minnesota in origin. ¬†I didn’t make any of that up. ¬†This painting has been around for nearly ten years, and that has always been the title. ¬† This colorful story on the painting from Blake, the collector:

“Here is my favorite painting of all time. I was recently asked the question, ‘if my house was on fire and I could only take one item with me, what would it be?’

And my answer was this painting. 

Apparently, the correct answer was ‘the house’.”

[That’s really funny, if you know Blake!]

One can’t help but see the similarities to Dali’s surrealist period. ¬†We are expecting some great work out of Bug over the next few decades as he continues to develop his skills. ¬†Perhaps a cubist or post-minimalist style will emerge after Bug finishes junior high school.

Painting of a monkey pooping on a toilet in a public bathroom, on a tile in a public bathroom


This photo of a gorgeous painting on a bathroom tile submitted by a true connoisseur of both monkeys and poop, The Butcher. ¬†Look closely at this image. ¬†It is actually¬†painted on a real bathroom tile in a real bathroom — true creative and satirical genius.

So many questions come to mind while spending quality time with this objet d’art.

Is this a grey monkey wearing an orange sweater, or is it an orange monkey wearing grey gloves? ¬†The monkey’s right (up in the air) arm-wrist border makes it appear that there is a grey glove on an orange arm — the width of the grey glove is clearly larger than the orange arm. ¬†The monkey’s left (viewer’s right) arm clearly depicts an orange sweater on a grey arm — the width of the orange area is larger than the grey, giving one the perspective of an orange sleeve covering a grey arm.

The artist is playing with us. ¬†Similar to the classic M.C. Escher “Hands Drawing Hands,” the artist¬†presents¬†two valid perspectives here¬†–an orange monkey with grey gloves or grey monkey wearing an orange sweater.

But what is with the green thighs? ¬†Pure brilliance — that’s what it is. ¬†You weren’t expecting it. ¬†I wasn’t expecting it. ¬†But, there it is. ¬†Just when you wrap your head around, “this is a grey monkey wearing an orange sweater,” ….. Bam! ¬†Green thighs. ¬†Bravo, unknown artist. Bravo.

If anyone knows who this artist is, please contact me.

Expert analysis from one of our readers (20 years as professional published author and appreciator of monkeys and art) and the submitter of the pic:

Clearly the Pooping Monkey seems aware and puzzled that he is being watched, and his blank facial expression makes me feel guilty for invading his privacy. ‚ÄúWhy are you looking at a pooping monkey? ‚ÄĚ the Pooping Monkey‚Äôs eyes ask us. Perhaps we should avert our gaze to allow for some privacy. But if that were the case, then the artist would have been intentionally creating art that he did not want viewed. I think that is unlikely. I also believe that the artist wants us to know that while, yes, at this exact moment the monkey is fully capable of coming in from the wild to use human plumbing, tomorrow he is just as likely to shit from the top of a tree. It must be considered and is entirely possible that the artist is playing a trick on all of us, and that the monkey is not actually defecating while on the toilet, but merely resting. If you look closely, the monkey appears to have food in his mouth. I think it is highly unlikely that a monkey could both eat and defecate on/in a toilet simultaneously. He must be just resting. Lastly, I think the artist has played one other ruse on us. One would assume that the aforementioned food in the monkey‚Äôs mouth is probably a piece of the banana he is holding. While that is obviously possible, I think a far more likely explanation is that the Pooping Monkey is actually eating marshmallows from a hidden bag or container.

— The Butcher